Light Night

 The 19th Light Night & Asia Lighting Design Awards Ceremony 2024


On the evening of June 8, 2024, the lighting industry witnessed a feast for the senses of vision and art - the "Dance with AI" 19th Light Night and Asia Lighting Design Awards Ceremony. Based on reviewing the past and examining the present, participants jointly discussed the future development trends of the lighting industry and actively sought new opportunities for cross-industry collaboration. This ceremony emphasized the central role of artificial intelligence in the development of new productive forces in the lighting industry, signifying that the lighting industry is poised to enter a new era of development driven by AI technology.

Authoritative speeches, guiding the industry trends


Ms. Yan Yonghong

At the beginning of the event, esteemed guests took the stage one after another to deliver speeches. They not only expressed sincere wishes for the event but also expressed high expectations for the future development trends of the lighting industry. Ms. Yan Yonghong, the President of AALD, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Chongqing University, pointed out the direction for the association's future development. She noted that AALD will strive to lead and promote innovation and collaboration in lighting design, focusing on the application of lighting technology and strengthening international exchange and cooperation. At the same time, AALD will also contribute to enhancing the professional qualifications of lighting designers and continuously pay attention to the green and sustainable development of the lighting industry.

Academician Wu Shuoxian

Academician Wu Shuoxian, an expert in architectural technology science, Professor, and Doctoral Supervisor from South China University of Technology, shared the theoretical content of "Photoscenic Science" he founded and explored the integration of Photoscenic Science with the lighting industry. Academician Wu emphasized that the close integration of Photoscenic Science and the lighting industry has not only injected new vitality into technological progress, but also further deepened profound insights into human living environments and humanistic care. Through in-depth research on the delicate relationship between light and humans, and the ingenious application of cutting-edge lighting technology, we can create both practical and artistically appealing lightscapes and lighting environments.

Ms. Gao Fei

Ms. Gao Fei, Vice President of the China Illuminating Engineering Society, discussed the future development of the lighting industry with the audience. She emphasized that as a traditional industry, the Chinese lighting industry urgently needs to undergo transformation and upgrading. This change aims to promote the research and development of green lighting technology, further promote technological innovation, and continuously expand market space. With the guidance and strong support of national macro policies, our industry has gained tremendous momentum for development. Especially emerging forms of lighting industries such as smart lighting and cultural tourism lighting are reshaping the development landscape of the Chinese lighting industry.

Mr. Ma Bin

Mr. Ma Bin, the Secretary-General of AALD, Executive Director of China Illuminating Engineering Society Development, and the founder of Yangguang Media, introduced the specific action plan formulated by AALD to promote industrial progress and empower the industry during the 2024-2025 period. He expressed his high expectations that in the next one to two years, AALD will bring about a new development situation for the lighting industry through three major initiatives of "scientific and technological innovation, talent education, and international cooperation." It will send the first ray of light to the lighting industry in its darkest moment, leading the industry to a new era of glory.


Exchange of ideas, discussing the future of the industry


Interactive dialogue and group photo

During the interactive dialogue session of "Hang Lung Speaks: The Quartet", the theme of "Embracing the Future with Technological Innovation and Illuminating Life with Cultural Lightscapes" became a hot topic of discussion. The guest lineup for this dialogue was truly impressive, and the guests conducted in-depth analysis on the future development trends of the lighting industry, jointly exploring how to effectively utilize innovative technology to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the lighting industry, pointing out the direction for the industry's future.

The session was hosted by Mr. Shen Yongjian, Chairman of Shenzhen Qianbaihui Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. He believes that technological innovation alone is not enough for the lighting industry. The successful realization of the value of new technology requires new business logic, new business models, and new business ideas to achieve a complete industry upgrade and enter a new era.

Guest speaker Mr. Xu Dongliang, Executive Director of AALD and Chief Designer of Dongliang International Lighting Design Center, elaborated on the concept of "one city, one policy." He emphasized that when creating culturally livable nighttime lighting, it is essential to fully consider the unique character of the city and customize lighting design plans based on local conditions. Mr. Xu advocates closely integrating humanistic elements with ecological protection, paying attention to life, focusing on the light beneath our feet, being environmentally friendly, and striving to create a comfortable, energy-efficient, practical, and aesthetic urban nightscape.

Dr. Rong Haolei, Executive Director of AALD and President of Beijing Tongheng Heming Lighting Research Institute, emphasized that the lighting design industry should adhere to the cornerstone of creating value through light, focus on optimizing the existing stock, implement low-carbon and environmentally friendly concepts through digital management and innovative applications, enhance the quality and efficiency of design and construction, and gain wider social recognition.

Professor Tan Liang, a doctoral supervisor in Digital Media Art at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and also a Doctor of Interactive Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, proposed that the lighting industry should actively promote cross-border cooperation and innovative integration. By introducing cutting-edge technology, it can bring new development momentum to the industry, create intelligent and personalized lighting solutions, and thus significantly enhance the industry's innovation capability and market competitiveness.


Signing cooperation agreements to jointly chart a new blueprint for the industr

The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Laidi Optoelectronics and Guoke Kaixin

Guoke Kaixin (Shenzhen) Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou LaiDi Photoelectric Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, which became a highlight of this event. Mr. Dong Zengmin, chairman of Guoke Kaixin, and Mr. Lu Chengqiao, chairman of LaiDi Photoelectric, solemnly signed the cooperation agreement, jointly opening a new journey of cooperation. The signing of this cooperation was successfully completed under the witness of Mr. Bu Yaoting from China Southern Power Grid Energy, Mr. Gu Ahu, chairman of Endo Lighting, Mr. Pan Jinghua, executive vice chairman of Anhui Province Lighting Society, Mr. Cao Weidong, representative of the initiator of the green and low-carbon technology ecological circle and director/president of JiuZhou YiGang, marking the industrial capital's firm confidence in the future development of the lighting industry, and also indicating that the industry will usher in broader development space and cooperation opportunities.


Crowning with Honor, Witnessing the Light of Design

As a highlight of the Light Night, the Asian Lighting Design Awards ceremony drew considerable attention. After a rigorous evaluation process, several outstanding design projects were honored with the "Asian Lighting Design Award." These award-winning works not only showcase the innovative spirit and artistic mastery of the designers but also highlight the high-quality development achievements of the lighting industry driven by new productive forces.

Representatives of the award-winning units.


Strutting Their Stuff, Coordinators Display Their Charm.


Coordinator Certificate Award Ceremony.

Following the conclusion of the award ceremony, the regional coordinators for the year 2024 of the AALD (Asia Area Lighting Design) made a dazzling appearance. They showcased their personal charisma through a runway show and engaged warmly with the guests. Subsequently, Ms. Yan Yonghong, the chairperson of AALD, presented them with coordinator certificates to recognize their contributions and encourage them to continue contributing to the development of the association.


Banquet Revelry, Celebrating Glorious Moments Together.


Guests' Toast.

At the joyous moment following the award ceremony, Mr. Li Junliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of Suzhou City Investment Lighting, Ms. Zhang Yi, a senior member of AALD and Director of the Lighting Center at Shanghai Institute of Huajian Group, Mr. Wang Zhen, Executive Director of Li Ousai Lighting, Ms. Yan Yonghong, Chairperson of AALD, Mr. Tan Chay Eng, President of RWC in Singapore, Mr. Wu Chunhai, Director of Shenzhen Rong Landscape Affairs Center, Mr. Wang Xingbing, a second-level investigator from the Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, Mr. Niu Run, Chairman of Henglong Lighting, Mr. Chen Yijie, President of Ningbo United Power Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Jianhong, Vice President of Leyard Group, and Mr. Ma Bin, Secretary-General of AALD, all took to the stage to raise their glasses in a toast. They expressed their warmest congratulations to all the award-winning units and jointly wished for the continued prosperity and even brighter future of the lighting industry!

|Mr. Gao Bo from Lingyan Technology (leftmost)

|Ms. Zhang Xiaomin from Appotronics (leftmost)

|Mr. Wu Guanhua from China Construction Lighting (leftmost)

|Mr. Lu Yinghui from Xinlong Optoelectronics (leftmost)

|Mr. Niu Run from Henglong Lighting (rightmost)

|Mr. Lu Chengqiao from LaiDi Photoelectric (rightmost)

The exciting lucky draw session was also a highlight of the event. The first prize was a Hao Liang smart combination and an AALD cultural and creative table lamp ALight Pro. The guest who drew the first prize was Mr. Lu Chengqiao, the chairman of LaiDi Photoelectric. The second prize was ALight Pro, and the guests who drew the second prize were Mr. Niu Run, the chairman of Henglong Lighting, and Mr. Lu Yinghui, the chairman of Xinlong Optoelectronics. The third prize was ALight, and the guests who drew the third prize were Mr. Wu Guanhua, the deputy general manager of China Construction Lighting, Ms. Zhang Xiaomin, the director of the engineering business center of the Professional Display Business Unit of Appotronics, and Mr. Gao Bo, the general manager of Lingyan Technology. (Note: The ALight cultural and creative table lamp has a warranty period of 30 years. Please contact the relevant staff of the AALD secretariat for warranty registration if you are lucky enough to win one.)


The event came to a successful conclusion, looking forward to a bright future.


The grand success of the 2024 Light Night was made possible by the staunch support and selfless dedication of numerous partners. Here, we extend our deepest gratitude and highest respect to our diamond, platinum, and gold partners of this event. Special thanks go to the following partners: Diamond Partners: LaiDi Intelligence; Platinum Partners: Henglong Lighting, Qianbaihui Intelligent; Gold Partners: Xinlong Optoelectronics, China Construction Lighting, Lingyan Technology, Appotronics.


Event Partners


With the successful conclusion of the banquet, the "Dancing with AI" 19th Light Night and Asian Lighting Design Awards ceremony in 2024 has come to a perfect end. This grand event not only showcased the innovative achievements and development trends of the lighting industry but also provided a valuable platform for industry colleagues to exchange ideas and cooperate.
Looking forward, we anticipate that the lighting industry will embrace a more brilliant future through continuous exploration and innovation. Light is a magical medium that sparks endless imagination. Guided by light, we comprehend its essence, skillfully arrange lighting, and celebrate its beauty. May this brilliant light illuminate the path forward for brave explorers!