Asian Lighting Design Awards

The expert review meeting for the 9th Asia Lighting Design Awards in 2024 was successfully held


On May 12, 2024, the "9th Asia Lighting Design Awards · Expert Review Meeting" hosted by the Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD) was successfully held in Tianjin. The main purpose of this review meeting is to evaluate the projects participating in this year's competition, assess them from both technical and artistic perspectives, and select outstanding projects to encourage more excellent lighting designers.


The President of AALD, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor Yonghong Yan from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University, as well as six executive directors, including Professor and Doctoral Supervisor Zhigang Chang from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chief Architect Qibin Qi from the Architectural Design Institute of Tsinghua University, Dean Haolei Rong from the Beijing Tongheng Heming Optoelectronic Research Institute, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor Lixiong Wang from the School of Architecture of Tianjin University, General Manager Dongliang Xu from Dongliang International Lighting Design Center, and President of Tianjin Illuminating Engineering Society and Professor and Master Supervisor Jingyu Yuan from the School of Architecture and Art Design of Hebei University of Technology, attended the meeting.


The scene of the judging session


During the conclusion segment of the judging session, Professor Yonghong Yan pointed out that while the number of award-winning projects has decreased compared to last year, the overall quality of the architectural works has significantly improved. She also noted that some projects require improvement, particularly indoor space projects that did not achieve the desired effects. Due to the downturn in the real estate industry, the number of temporary construction projects has sharply declined, and their quality has also suffered. Despite these challenges, Professor Yonghong Yan expressed her appreciation for the outstanding works that emerged in this difficult environment, believing that these projects have undoubtedly brought great encouragement to the entire industry.


Professor Yonghong Yan

In order: Chang Zhigang, Qi Bin, Rong Haolei, Wang Lixiong, Xu Dongliang, Yuan Jingyu

Group photo of the judging experts


It is understood that before the convening of this expert judging session, the online judging work had already been completed. The online judging panel was composed of several experts from different fields, including Chen Hantong, Kim Kang Woon (South Korea), Lai Yunong, Li Guang, Liang Zheng, Lin Yandan, Ren Yuanhui, Wang Jinsui, Zhao Honghong, and others.