Rhythm of the Cave-Fusionner 1.0 + 2.0

Architect: Kotaro Horiuchi
Location: Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Project Year: 2014
Photographer: Issei Mori, Mitsuru Narihara


The Installation「Fusionner 1.0 + 2.0」was designed by Japanese Architect Kotaro Horiuchi, and stemed from an unique design concept. The architect hoped to provide an entertaining and enjoyable space to stimulate people to communicate with each other. In the meantime, it had combined the modern city decoration style into the space to satisfy more needs.




“Fusionner” comes from a French word which means “to merge”. The reason of applying “to merge” as its name was because the architect hoped to create a space that can embrace all kinds of activities atmosphere by means of the unique interior space of the architecture. And at last, the architect visualized his thought by an interesting plan named ’Paper Cave’.




The 3D surface of this design was made of by soft white paper that fixed sided-by-sided. Moreover, the natural light from outside was able to pass through the cracks of the external wall and shine out into the building inside. In addition, white artificial marble table had been installed in the middle of the space and lighting facilities had been set inside the table. According to the height variations and every gap with different shape, the table-board was able to present capricious lights.




Lighting facilities were installed through the void and fixed with wiring device over the waving roof, and provided illumination with five different levels. Besides, the design team defined here as a multifunctional space which can be used as an office, an exhibition hall, a meeting room, a lounge, a bar and so on to meet different needs of different people.


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