Shape and Shadow-The theater hall of Mumbai

Architect: Planet 3 Studios Architecture
Location: Mumbai, India
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Mrigank Sharma


Architecture design is the connection of point, line and surface. As regrades the“line”,the suitable line design and the use of lighting, woodiness, metal and other relevant materials not only play a role in widening the view of space, but also provide a eyeable fluent feeling to the people.




The theater hall of Mumbai, India can accommodate the space of 300 seats. The designers have used the irregular bar LED light to depict the change of light and shadow as well as the rhythm in the space between virtual and reality, and such kind of unique design greatly enhances the interactivity inside the hall between layer and layer as well as lets the space to be more fully.



The lighting design of ceiling, wall and staircase inside that space, realizing the lighting control through the adoption of adjustable LED light, has created a more humanized public space. Besides, the theater seats formed “V”shape by various colors have greatly presented the interesting sense of space and sculpture.



We have the shadow after we got light, we have shape after we got shadow, we have line after we got shape. The greatest feature of the design in this project is that without using too much decoration, it’s succinct and strong. In the meanwhile, it is sending out the gentle and elegant everywhere.


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