[FOCUS]NIELS CARSTEN BLUHME:Is Copenhagen Far From Smart Lighting?

With the development of scientific technology, our society is moving from the Age of Electric to the Age of internet. In the meanwhile, illumination is more and more important, which has a great influence on urban landscape, transportation as well as our daily life. In the future, what is the mission we should carry on? “Smart Lighting” was the answer Niels Carsten Bluhme gave us.


How should we use the new technology to construct our smart city, so that our life can be more convenient and comfortable?


“We should integrate illumination and internet technology, working out smart lighting.  In the future, the market of illumination will expand 5 to 10 times, and one third of that in Europe will be in smart lighting.” NIELS CARSTEN BLUHME stated during the interview.


For urban construction in Europe, green or environmental protection is the topic bound to be mentioned. Europe was concerned about environment much earlier than China, therefore their research on environmental protection and sustainability is more mature, also they have more experience in this field. Copenhagen is a pioneer of the world in this field.


 However, “When it comes to urban development, sustainability is very complicated, because it involves problems of many aspects, such as society, economy, etc.”, Niels Carsten Bluhme stated. Also he mentioned that illumination is an important component of urban construction, therefore, constructing sustainable, energy-efficient and energy-conservation illumination is one of the important points of sustainable urban development.


In terms of lighting development, now Copenhagen is making efforts in building Photon Science Institute, in which there are already 60 companies, including Cisco. Among them, DOLL, which is short for Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab, is the core. It will be the biggest smart lighting lab in Europe.


DOLL focuses on Smart City-solutions since they provide a qualified estimate for the challenges more populated cities foster. These days most Danish municipalities experience a need for replacing old and traditional lighting sources to new energy efficient LED systems.


Many wished simultaneously to develop the cities towards being a Smart City, which is characterised by knowledge and data-based management of the city’s resources and consumption.


On the other hand, however, when we grasp the data, the safety of data must be a crucial problem. How can we guarantee the safety of data? For this question, Niels believes that there are two things should be conducted. Firstly, technology should be improved, including the standardization of technology and some requirements of technology. Secondly, government should control the public service.


The construction of smart city can not only rely on the city government, which indeed should be promoted by the thinking pattern of cooperation. With the common platform, all the parties join in by cooperation and push forward the development.





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