Urban Lighting Construction Award


Chian Lighting Award was set up by China Illuminating Engineering Society and authorized by the National Science and Technology awards office.In 2013,the first Urban Lighting Construction Award was set up as a brand award of the Chian Lighting Award in the field of lighting in China, which aim is to reward the best initiatives in sustainable urban lighting development solution submitted by each city.


With the concerted efforts of city governments including Shanghai,Guangzhou, Xian, Nanjing,Wulumuqi and Suzhou,and the organizer CIES and co-organizer YangGang Lighting Service Co.,Ltd., ULC Awards has started to accept application.Therefore local urban lighting construction management center can apply the award with the project that local government participate in, have a holistic lighting system planning and also can embody the urban lighting construction°Įs improvement.


From now on ,for the application materials,please contact the organizing committee!

Welcome city governments to take part in ,show you lighting construction achievement£°


China Illuminating Engineering Society

Urban Lighting Construction Award Organizing Committee

July 7th,2013

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