Who are the new generation of lighting design giants? Designer Salon (Beijing Stop)

AALD Salon named the Value of Light in Beijing Stop was successfully held in 21st March 2014. The 18X18 presentation in limited time and comments of the master were the innovative shining point of this activity. The host and related parties selected 6 candidates from nearly 20 young designer who registered in this competition to carry out presentation. The activity aimed at training young designers¡¯ presentation skill, enhancing their ability of logical thinking.


The activity was hosted by Asian Association of Lighting Designers, organized by Yang Guang Media and supported by IALD and China Lighting Integrator Association. Also Shenzhen Leiming Technology Limited company and the Wechat platform of AALD are specially acknowledged for their support.

¡®Please turn around and have a look. The sunlight of sunset shines through our windows, which is very sacred and looked like the light of a church. I hope we can all understand our feeling towards light¡¯,stated Xu Dongliang with deep emotion, fellow member of AALD and General Manager of TOYO International Lightening Design (Beijing) Center. He highly recognized the innovative style of this salon and sincerely wished that young designers develop faster.

The activity was strongly supported by IALD. The coordinator of IALD in mainland China sent congratulation to this activity which was addressed by Mr. Ma Bin, the director of Yang Guang Media. The congratulation was as follow. There are over one thousand IALD members of professional lighting designer around the world in the 45 years since first founded. The association keeps devoting to delivering the value of lighting design and helps designers improve and educate themselves. IALD is very glad to realize this conception together.

In order to keep the competition fair and open to the attendants, the rating was giving by audience and also the masters, including Rong Haolei, Xu Dongliang, Shi Hengzhao, and the special guest Shukun. Representatives of audience include Li Shuhua, Gong Dianhai, Liu Xiaoguang, Qiu Bomin, Huo Chao and Yejun.

During the activity, 6 contestants tried their best to present their ideas. Ms. Ma Ye who comes from Tsinghua Urban Planning and Research Institute, won the competition with 29 points.

Director of Department of Lighting Design & Research in Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute, Rong Haolei summarized this activity. He believed that the attention being paid to the young lighting designers was beneficial to the whole industry. He also thought highly of the activity, ¡°I sincerely wish there are more new strength in this industry, and we can have more idea exchanging with focus and effectiveness, just like this salon. The activity is meaningful, and I am very glad to be invited to it. We can see a lot of interesting things. I really hope there will be more activities of this kind in lighting industry.¡±


This salon encouraged the new generation of lighting designers to challenge themselves and improve their thoughts. We believe that whether the designers won that competition or not, they will make an effort to constructing their brilliant career. They choose challenge rather than comfort when they were young. So they are the future of this field. They are the giants of tomorrow!

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